We started Pili & Pino® in 2012, sharing a vision for a line of authentic food products made with the finest Filipino ingredients and preparation techniques. Our dream is to see premium Filipino products earn a place among the world's best.

'Pili' stands for the use of select local ingredients, while 'Pino' represents our pursuit of fine, uncompromising quality. Together, Pili + Pino means choosing the finest.

Our first product inspiration came from the nectar of the coconut tree, the raw liquid used to make coconut sap sweeteners. Coconut sugar was already gaining popularity, but we decided to devote our attention to developing a delightful, rich syrup from the nectar. We haven't looked back since.

Today, we use our low-glycemic coconut nectar sweeteners in our jams, fruit preserves, granola, and treats. Our product range also features many other fine Filipino ingredients.

Every product is accompanied by a short and simple ingredient list. No masking of flavors, just the real stuff grown by farmers. After all, our quest to reach the farthest corners of the globe is also a commitment to share the fruits of the labor of many farming families at home.

We're honored to be able to do our part in supporting local farming communities, while delighting food lovers everywhere and raising the bar for Filipino-made products.