Our Passion

Pili & Pino products highlight many local ingredients, but the heart of our product story is the nectar that flows from the coconut tree. Transformed into a rich syrup or sugar, the nectar is the natural sweetener found in Pili & Pino jams and preserves, infused syrups, and cereals.


What's different about Pili & Pino?

Products are prepared in small batches using real fruit and whole ingredients. The ingredient list is always simple, avoiding preservatives or additives wherever possible. Our inspiration is local, but our perspective is global. We believe Filipino-made products can be at par with the best around the world.


Why a coconut-based sweetener?

Coconut nectar is minimally processed and retains its natural properties. It is low-glycemic and is more slowly absorbed by the body. It is sustainably harvested and provides a sustainable livelihood to farming families. Buyers of our products support our farming communities. Our coconut farmers are paid a fair price and earn based on performance. Women gain employment and earning power, which doubles the income stream for the family. Families stay intact as one or both parents can make a living at home instead of moving away.