Coconut nectar syrup is syrup made from the fresh sap of the coconut tree.

Good quality coconut nectar syrup always starts with good quality, fresh sap. Coconut sap is harvested by tapping the flowers of the coconut tree and then collecting drops of the raw liquid. Upon collection, the sap is taken to the sugarhouse, where it is strained and reduced over a slow fire until the desired consistency and sweetness are achieved.

The key difference is the amount of moisture content. Coconut sugar is the end product when all the moisture evaporates.

Coconut sap sweeteners are minimally processed and use no chemicals or additives. Since they are minimally processed, they retain their natural composition. Coconut sap sweeteners are also low-glycemic, meaning, they are more slowly absorbed by the body.

Finally, coconut sap sweeteners are sustainably harvested and support the livelihood of local farming communities. Local farming communities are true beneficiaries of its commercialization.

Our sweeteners, jams, and preserves have a shelf life of 12 to 18 months. Our granola is best enjoyed within eight months (though most people don’t get too far as it’s devoured within days).

Yes, this is normal and does not affect the taste of the product. We use no preservatives, coloring, or homogenizing agents. If separation occurs, simply stir or gently shake the product.

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